Smart clothes

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Eco conception

Textiles, the crucial technological medium of tomorrow

Since the revolution in smart objects, clothing now has a new, more technological role to play.

Fabrics and garments can adapt to our individual needs in terms of :

  • well-being

  • protection

  • prevention

With the advances made in miniaturizing electronic components, textiles are adapting to new communications methods. It is now possible to envisage the incorporation of such electronics into textile fibres in order to design smart fabric, capable of interacting with our bodies and connecting with our senses. These new sensors should be endowed with energy self-sufficiency, drawing power from the sun or body movements, or even temperature changes. 

To meet the latest needs for protective garments and other PPE, we are working with partners in France from a variety of backgrounds (CETI, IFTH, ENSAIT, ITECH and more) to develop concrete innovations like connected garments whose purpose it is to help companies institute real prevention policies at their establishments.

WIP (Workwear Intelligence & Prevention) is THE innovative, ergonomic solution for gaining a better understanding of your employees' risky movements and postures so you can improve your prevention of all kinds of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders).

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The Group is also innovating in the medical sector, in the interest of responding to the needs of healthcare personnel at hospitals and care homes.

From the alliance between the textile industry and researchers in electronics and signal processing came the Autonotex project, driven by Mulliez-Flory and financed in part by BPI (PIAVE fund for industrial projects of the future).

The project aims to create new composite fibres with "piezoelectric" properties. When incorporated into Sécuridrap® Selfia® night sheets, those fibres can help to monitor patients by safely monitoring and confirming the quality of their sleep and measuring preventive indicators of agitation, without having to disturb the patients' sleep.

Other projects are also being developed to offer our clients practical solutions to known needs :

Odour capturing fabric

Incorporating mesoporous particles into textiles either during spinning or by impregnating the fabric. The outlets are manifold: cooking, maintenance, sport and more.

Remote body measurementsTo reduce product returns caused by a poor choice of size, we are developing an expert measurement system with IFTH. Developed from body scans and smartphone measurement taking, this system will allow us to take remote measurements easily and efficiently.