Responsible purchasing & business ethics

  • Eco Index
  • B
  • 71%

Eco conception

Respect and responsibility

Out of our deep respect for our suppliers, their cultures, their growth and the individuals that they employ, we have a special responsibility toward them, one that is economic, ethical and environmental.



Buying eco-responsibly


Code of conduct

Eco-responsible purchasing means following a formal code of conduct which is monitored by our buyers, with a focus on our core values :

  • fair competition
  • transparent relationships
  • business ethics
  • accountability

Fair trade materials

Buying eco-responsibly also means recommending fair trade materials certified by the Max Havelaar label.

We are authorized to offer, manufacture and distribute clothing made with fair trade cotton, helping to give disadvantaged farmers a real future and to support our Fairtrade commitments to :

  • the environment: 0% pesticides, 0% GMO and 100% sustainable management
  • gender equality
  • villager training
  • village development



Assessing and mapping our suppliers

The quality of Mulliez-Flory's relations with our suppliers is a factor in our long-term success. In fact, 70% of our main suppliers have been working with us for more than 10 years.

This commitment allows us to reduce risks for our clients and offer support to our suppliers.


Guaranteeing our products' harmlessness

100% of our material suppliers offer some form of guarantee: OEKO-TEX, REACH certificate, inspection report, etc.

In 2018, 81% of our materials were certified by OEKO-TEX, an international testing system known for its reliability in assessing the ecological quality of textiles.

Mulliez-Flory has internally certified two product ranges for the healthcare industry: a terry towel range (CQ 1055/2) and a PC 52 range (CQ 1055/3).