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What is PPE

PPE clothing must meet strict French and European standards. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a device or means intended to be worn or held by a person in order to protect him against one or more risks likely to threaten his safety or health, mainly at work, according to article R.233. -83-3 of the Labor Code.

We are in direct contact with the certification laboratories notified and recognized by the EEC.

PPE is classified into three categories :

Category I PPE clothing

Work equipment covering minor risks

Category II PPE clothing

Specific protective equipment for significant risks

Category III PPE clothing

Safety equipment for serious risks with irreversible or fatal effects

Discover the PPE standards


Style and creativity

Mulliez Flory advises you in the design of your PPE and in the choice of the most specific materials to create your work clothing truly personalized in its look, combining comfort, safety and efficiency while meeting mandatory safety standards.

Caring for your protective clothing

We know the constraints related to washing protective clothing thanks to our linen rental partners. We are therefore able to advise you on the easiest materials and accessories to clean.

Recycling your end-of-life PPE

Very involved in the product life cycle, the Mulliez-Flory group necessarily integrates recycling solutions specific to the types of clothing we sell to you. Transformed or upgraded depending on their nature, your products will find a quality recycling channel exclusively on French soil.


Discover the FUSION range developed for the Anett group

A flame retardant equipment, for all types of welding, efficient, protective and with a streetwear spirit!

Born from a collaboration between Anett , linen rental company, Mulliez-Flory , designer and maker of professional clothing & Tencate, weaver, this new collection designed and manufactured by the Choletese designer shows the growing trend towards differentiation and research into added value. protective clothing.

A modern collection, combining safety, quality, price and ease of maintenance was necessary. Large study to determine the fabric that can offer protection and comfort.



The MULLIEZ-FLORY group, NOMEX® partner

Nomex® is known for the protection it offers to first responders and workers in the utility and electrical industries.

PPE garments made with Nomex ® provide superior protection against heat, flame and electric arcs, while providing lightweight, comfortable solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.