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Eco conception

Unique expertise in high-end professional uniforms

The codes of work uniforms are drawing irremediably closer to those of ready-to-wear apparel, surfing the waves of fashion trends.


A luxury ready-to-wear label
with a couture spirit




Services suitable
for uniform collections



A distinguished image,
a luxury brand

Appearance, style and innovative cuts are essential to promoting the distinguished image and meeting the aesthetic requirements that your company needs.

Our Group is the only French work apparel company to offer a high-end ready-to-wear label Guy Laroche Les Griffés.

This allows us to develop - under licence if you choose - your new couture style collection.

The fashion house's creativity combined with the clothes making know-how of Mulliez-Flory makes it possible to produce distinctive, refined uniforms according to your specifications and your company's values.




The choice of products, materials and finishes will follow very quickly on the heels of the style boards. If you want to adopt a more sustainable, environmentally friendly collection, we can work together on:

  • less energy-intensive materials
  • accessories with the least impact at the end of a product's life
  • the most optimized manufacturing flows
  • consideration of product end of life during the creation stage
  • appropriate communications for your collection.

Wearer testing

For your manufacturing security, we often recommend running wearer tests to check the clothes' comfort, cut and complementarity with your employees.


Easy ordering process

We set up an extranet site in your colours to easily manage your allocations and your orders.
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Recycling your products at end of life

Because we are very involved in our products' life cycles, the Mulliez-Flory Group always offers recycling solutions specific to the types of clothing that we sell to you. Transformed or recycled depending on their nature, your products will go into a quality recycling chain exclusively on French soil.