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ISO 26001 CSR certification

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In response to our clients' rising demands in terms of CSR

In our pursuit of transparency and ethics, and to continue making progress on our commitments, in 2017 we pledged to implement a global social responsibility (CSR) approach based on the ISO 26001 CSR guidelines developed by APPARSE and reiterating the requirements set out in ISO 26000.

Read the Group's CSR Report for 2018-2020


What is ISO 26001 CSR certification ?

Thanks to this approach and the total dedication of our entire staff, the Group has officially been certified ISO 26001 CSR compliant each year by Ecocert France, an independent audit and certification body.

ISO 26001 CSR comprises a series of management guidelines for organizations that want to develop a framework for effectively managing their social responsibility. It is based on the standard ISO 14001, expanded to include CSR, and encompasses ISO 26000.


These guidelines foster work on a variety of subjects :

  • They demand complete knowledge of the organization's sphere of influence: Who can I influence? And how?
  • They cover dialogue with stakeholders exhaustively and in depth. They require the identification of those stakeholders, a formal dialogue and an examination of their expectations. The organization must also "respond" to those expectations.
  • They take international behavioural standards into consideration across all action areas, not just local regulations.
  • They take account of the operational control of organizations over which the candidate organization has an influence, not only operational control of the candidate organization itself.
  • They are designed to encourage companies to prevent social crises (like environmental pollution).

In 2019, the Mulliez-Flory Group also renewed our commitment to the Global Compact.

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2008, Mulliez-Flory is committed to respecting fundamental values in relation to :

  • Labour law (minimum wage, work schedules, etc.)
  • Health and safety
  • Anti-corruption
  • Environment