Work clothes

  • Eco Index
  • B
  • 71%

Eco conception

Protection, comfort and image

Your work clothes are designed according to the use you want to give them.

A textile manager takes charge of your file to guide you on your project and liaise with the group's experts. The gestures and positions of your teams are closely studied to create tailor-made work pants and other clothing that will meet the specific needs of your trades.


Style & creativity

Work clothing has changed over the years to get closer and closer to Sportswear / Streetwear clothing. The look has become essential. Closer to the body, combining color breaks, it is associated with stretch materials for unparalleled comfort while remaining protective and solid.

Consideration of the full life cycle of the garment

Likewise, we have entered a period where we are looking for meaning in the products we buy. We offer you tailor-made support to create sustainable work clothing in line with your values: use of recycled fabrics, more virtuous, eco-design, environmental impact study on the chosen creation / production circuit ...

To obtain products that meet your exact needs

The Mulliez-Flory group, as an integrated industrialist, will then take charge of the production of work clothes. The storage and delivery of your professional clothing can then be managed 100% by the Group thanks to its logistics platform delivered in 2016, allowing great flexibility in the management of your locker rooms.



Caring for your clothes  

Are you planning an  industrial maintenance  of your products? We know the constraints related to washing carried out by our linen rental partners. We will advise you on the materials and accessories to choose.


Recycling your work clothes at the end of their life

Very involved in the product life cycle, the M ulliez-Flory group necessarily integrates recycling solutions specific to the types of clothing we sell to you . Transformed or upgraded according to their nature, your products will find a quality recycling channel on French soil exclusively.


Expertise and advice

Our team provides you with all its expertise and advises you to create your workwear collection combining:


Image & creativity

Materials & cuts

Quality & availability