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Eco conception

Fashion and innovation at the heart of our creation and manufacturing processes

We create and develop clothes and flat linens for linen rental companies, hospitals, and all medico-social and social structures.



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The essential added value of Mulliez-Flory

Leader in the Health sector for more than 40 years, we develop our products by giving them the essential added value





Of style

Our style office constantly infuses novelty to support structures of a medico-social and social nature. The color, soothing or tangy, in a fragmented or all-over touch, adorns tunics and nursing clothes and brings warmth and well-being. 

The cuts are reviewed regularly to offer forms of tunics / pants / jackets closer to ready-to-wear but guaranteeing an identical lifespan and unchanged industrial maintenance. 

The prints accompany the modernization of outfits by breaking the codes of immaculate white with visuals placed for a touch of fun and softness.



  • recycled polyester mixed with lightweight and environmentally friendly Lyocell for tunics and gowns Health: the use of PET (recycled plastic bottles) and wood fibers allows production to consume much less energy.
  • the introduction of stretch in tunics and pants
  • Selfia® adapted products for people with reduced mobility
  • Sécuridrap® Selfia® to secure patients with Alzheimer's disease
  • the easy-care tri-layer for bedspreads

Environmentally friendly printing techniques

We are increasingly using digital transfer printing which offers multiple advantages:

  • Very good resistance over time
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Ecological, the inks used are made from water.

Sheets without primer to limit the use of chemicals

The history of the hospital sheet required the use of many chemical finishes on the laundry so that the latter has "hand". These primers are immediately removed during the 1st wash and dissolved in the rinse water.

The group has decided to market a larger range of flat linen without decatising to limit the direct impact on the environment.



Recycling your end-of-life products

Very involved in the product life cycle, the Mulliez-Flory group offers recycling solutions  specific to the types of recovered clothing. Transformed or upgraded according to their nature , your products will find a quality recycling channel on French soil exclusively.