Dedicated logistics

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  • B
  • 71%

Eco conception

1 click ordering!

Develop your e-shop and manage your orders online, easily and securely!



Manage your own collection

Orders, allocations and deliveries

configuration interface

Personalize your interface

As per your graphic charter


Classic ordering methods

Still available: email, post, telephone and fax



Your personalized order placement site !

We give you access to a personalized extranet site (B2B website) to order and manage your entire collection of work garments.

This tool is offered to you to simplify your ordering process and track your deliveries in real time.

Discover e-dress !


This ultra-secure solution has only upsides:

  • personalizable

  • compatible with the different OSs

  • interface similar to a web interface, making it easy to learn

  • ergonomic back office for multiple functions

  • user management

  • wardrobe creation.

For allocation management

Many other modules are available to give you complete control over your wardrobe.

This tool comes with pre-launch training and support over time.




Storage & delivery


Simplify the management of your textiles collections !

9,000 m² of ultra-modern depot space to manage all your collections !

  • Secure storage and delivery

  • Personalized service

  • Savings in time and money 


When and where you want: To any site or the recipient's home !

Secure service for turnkey management

The Group understands the logistics challenges posed by work apparel, so take advantage of all our know-how:

  • 11.5 million products sent each year
  • Storage capacity for more than 8 million pieces.




Speed - Security - Adapted to your needs

The logistics platform that was inaugurated in 2016 features very high performance mechanized parcel handling processes within a modern, strategically located environment.

Installed alongside the A87 motorway, at a strategic junction, the new, highly efficient facility guarantees fast deliveries to any location:

  • 9,000 m² of storage on two levels

  • building secured by video surveillance and an intruder alarm, monitored 24/7

  • building certified for High Environmental Quality (HEQ), that respects the environment and consumes less energy than specified in the 2012 French Thermal Regulation

  • storage according to your needs, with a wide variety of packaging options: in boxes, on hangers, on pallets, etc.


Representing a total investment of €5 million, this new logistics platform can handle all your logistics needs and relieve you of all your storage and delivery obligations.