Environment and the circular economy

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  • B
  • 71%

Eco conception

Site in Le Longeron


All the Group's employees have been aware of eco-responsible habits for years, relating to :

  • their workstations
  • the use of paper, with a reduction in printing and 91% B&W prints
  • the use of green energy from our hydro-electric turbine installed on the Sèvre near Nantes
  • improving waste sorting for recycling

The Group's grounds are a protected green space, maintained through sensible groundskeeping.

Thanks to the work done by the Mortagne-sur-Sèvre District Community, our needs are pooled with those of local companies in order to redistribute any items we do not use (furniture, fabric scraps, garments, etc.), allowing us to reduce our waste and our use of skips.


A strong commitment to a circular economy throughout the creation chain

The Group considers all the components and actions which will be necessary over the life of a product, from a perspective of its overall life cycle. Our 100% integrated Group operates on the basis of eco-design at each link on the chain in order to :

  • identify new virtuous fibres
  • improve our products' design by considering their use and end of life
  • reduce the number of prototypes we create
  • optimize transport
  • manufacture only the quantities needed and reduce our stored inventory
  • make it easy to recycle waste, from a perspective of the circular economy, allowing us to calculate the environmental impacts of the products we create and share that information with our clients.

The Group made a commitment to offering comprehensive training on this subject to our employees in 2019.



Inventive, long-term recycling


The Group is committed to collecting products created and delivered by Mulliez-Flory, from our clients' premises at the end of their life cycles. We also offer support for any other products from our collection which were not developed by the Group, based on an in-depth analysis of the client's inventory. The goal is to find a way to recover and re-use all the professional textiles (clothing and linens) that we deliver:

  • shredded on French soil
  • donated to humanitarian organizations in the case of products in very good condition
  • re-use as wiping cloths on French soil
  • upcycling,, converting garments which would otherwise be scrapped into new, everyday items, through a social, solidarity-based project conducted with local vocational rehabilitation centres
  • injections into the circular economyto re-create fibres, threads and then fabric made from garments at the end of their life cycles. This solution has already been launched in partnership with Norauto, an auto maintenance chain, to make T-shirts out of old Norauto trousers from the previous year's collection. A unique circular economy project in the world of work clothes!