People & quality of life

  • Eco Index
  • B
  • 71%

Eco conception

Fostering dialogue and ensuring employee well-being
so we can all work well together




Agreements for improved welfare

A series of agreements has been signed in recent years under the impetus of Human Resources and management :

  • Collaborative learning workshops
  • Workplace Well-being Charter
  • Gender Equality Agreement
  • Inter-generational Agreement
  • Hardship Agreement
  • Travel allowances

Gender Equality Index

For several years now, the Mulliez-Flory Group has been committed to the equal treatment of the women and men we employ. This vision, which is shared by our staff representatives, has resulted in the development of a number of action plans and company-wide agreements over the years.

Today, the Mulliez-Flory Group's staff are 76% women, and we have equal numbers of women and men on our Executive Committee.

This year, we achieved a score of 80/100 on the Gender Equality Index released by the French Government, which strengthens our position and our desire to continue to work toward complete equality between the women and men we employ.


A confirmed disabilities policy

Through the development of our brand Selfia® and our unique expertise in France, the Group has instituted a true employability policy for people with disabilities:

installation of infrastructure to assist employees losing their mobility creation of a full time fashion designer position for a person in a wheelchair for the Selfia® 

brand regular work with employment and training firms:  Esat Arc en Ciel and companies providing employment to promote social integration and solidarity, certified ISO 9001.


Working conditions in our workshops

Audits conducted every two years at our main manufacturing shops by an outside organization to address points relating to:

  • Health and safety;
  • Child labour
  • Forced labour
  • Work hours
  • Wages and salaries
  • Employee rights
  • Environment
  • Transparency / general organization