French know-how

  • Eco Index
  • B
  • 71%

Eco conception

Cholet, the no. 1 industrial hub for the garment sector

Mulliez-Flory also uses local providers for:

  • Subcontracted clothing production (prototypes)
  • Branding and personalizing garments: showcasing our clients' logos
  • Customs clearance and transport of goods
  • Recycling via vocational rehabilitation centres and professional reintegration workshops
  • Communications and distribution of goodies
  • Repair and maintenance of sewing machines.



Local know-how and production

Although garment manufacturing now takes place beyond our borders, Mulliez-Flory has opted to keep our know-how localized at our French sites. 270 people work every day on all or part of the professional garment value chain :

  • Creation
  • Expertise
  • Creation of prototypes, small series, branding and cutting to length
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Information technology

Supporting integration through work

The Group has established close partnerships with local sheltered workshops for the creation and production of our upcycled products. These partnerships allow people who are at risk, who have been marginalized or who have disabilities to learn new skills and get back onto the job market. The Group also invests in the FDCAP (Paris Airport Community Endowment Fund) to help train and educate vulnerable populations.

Our commitment also involves support for the youngest members of society. We have built a solid relationship with Lycée Champ Blanc, located just 200 metres from our historic site, whose students we support through the secondary school's EPA project (Entreprendre pour Apprendre, entrepreneurship as a means of learning). This commitment also takes the form of company tours and many work experience and work-study contracts at every link along the creation chain. But manufacturing French goods also relies on inventiveness, so all our solutions of tomorrow are created and manufactured with national partners so that, going forward, we can outfit you with smart clothes & sustainable garments !