Secure manufacturing

  • Eco Index
  • B
  • 71%

Eco conception

Manufacturing and managing your textiles flows

Secure your manufacturing

The Group provides proficient nearby manufacturing from its three in-house factories and a network of partner factories :

  • Completely controlled, speedy manufacturing
  • Quality relations with our suppliers for maximum security
  • Flexible supply chain

Purchases of materials and accessories

All purchases of materials and accessories are managed directly by our Purchasing teams in Le Longeron.

2/3 of our suppliers are French and 3/4 of our purchases come from Europe, as does the vast majority of our fabrics.

For each request we receive, we always propose sustainable development options to promote regional actors and guide you toward a more environmentally friendly approach.


Manufacturing under complete control

Compliance with the production calendar
and so with our clients' delivery deadlines

Accurate inventory management
of our clients' fabrics and supplies

Compliant item manufacturing
as per the technical documentation prepared for our clients

Our three workshops in Tunisia participate in the Mulliez-Flory Quality Management System's production process. Each workshop has and applies precise work procedures, which gives Mulliez-Flory complete control over production.


Partner factories

30 factories on two continents work in partnership with the Group 3,000 people working on controlled production

The Group works off of five selection criteria :

  • quality of products and services
  • price-quality ratio
  • supplier risk and financial stability
  • responsiveness and delivery timesn
  • corporate engagement

Our quality guarantees

  • regular supplier audits conducted by our Purchasing Manager
  • annual supplier evaluations



Product quality


99.84% compliant products !

Thanks to our various quality controls and our in-house lab, flawless products will be delivered to you !

  • An experienced in-house laboratory
  • Several testing levels from the start of production through to delivery
  • Satisfaction rate close to 100%

For zero defect products

We are extremely demanding when it comes to the quality of materials used and different manufacturing processes. Only diligent controls performed at every level of the creative chain can guarantee this degree of compliance.

Four levels of production controls

  • control on receipt of materials
  • control of preproduction units
  • control for release at the end of production
  • control on receipt at our sites

30 quality controllers spread across all our sites are there to monitor manufacturing.

More than 2,000 tests and trials performed each year

The Group has a test lab that is unique on the market. Our equipment is there to run preliminary tests on fabrics/materials and accessories, but also to test the finished goods.


Tests performed :

  • measurement of roll widths
  • colour measurements
  • dimensional stability
  • chlorine tests
  • tear tests
  • dye solidity
  • metamerism tests
  • friction/pilling tests
  • permeability tests