Defining your needs

  • Eco Index
  • B
  • 71%

Eco conception

Comprehensive analyses

Quick results for time & money saved !

Our team will travel to you and/or your different points of sale to prepare a comprehensive diagnostic review of your current collection.

A number of exchanges will be necessary to fully grasp every aspect of your case :



  • Your image both internally & externally
  • Consistency of the product range
  • Comfort when worn
  • Number of items expected per allocation
  • Types of clothes & accessories proposed

Product quality

  • Materials & accessories (zips, buttons, threads, etc.) employed
  • Markings (embroidery, transfers, silkscreen prints, etc.)
  • Cuts and production
  • Standards
  • Purchasing process
  • Supply chain
  • Your company's employees and unions on board

Based on the style you have adopted and its perception internally & externally, product quality and wearer comfort, the applicable standards, your purchasing processes, environmental and social impact, order placement and supply chain, product compliance, quality, employee involvement, etc., we can carry out an overall assessment to provide you with solutions that meet your specific needs.


Bespoke services

You choose the actions you want to undertake based on the different modules that we offer, providing you with a practical and effective service. Are you looking for bespoke support oriented toward one or more specific needs?

Mulliez-Flory offers you a range of services. All of these are flexible and adaptable to your various issues.


Our bespoke services to meet your needs

Image / Creation / Design

Comprehensive analysis of your image, graphic options, dedicated style boards & technical variations (engineering)


Development of a product range, eco-designed from its fibres to its delivery to you

Standards / Safety

Needs analysis, PPE (recommendations and choices) & prototype development


Needs analysis, specifications, finding the perfect partner & service tracking (quality and time compliance)

Supply chain

Internal distribution audit, strategic recommendations, implementation support & allocation management

Quality control

Support at the start of production, in-line controls, final controls & laboratory testing

Old collection recycling

If you change your line of work apparel and recycling was not included in your sales proposal. Defining your needs

Launch / Communications

Choose your communication pack from basic to full professional (professional models, press relations, fashion shows, etc.)



International support

For international brand consistency

Do you manage subsidiaries abroad and want to standardize your clothing collections on a European or a global scale? Take advantage of our expertise! For years, the Mulliez-Flory Group has been building contacts with textiles professionals around the world.

This network of partners allows us to support you in your development needs for your subsidiaries located abroad.


Training days

Need quick training to better understand your project ?

We offer training days on specific subjects that will give you autonomy over your work apparel project. In a real skills transfer of the Group's historic know-how, our training helps each participant to improve their mastery of a particular subject related to work apparel.

In Paris and the rest of France, we can offer one or more days of training on the subjects you want to master, such as:

  • Setting up an eco-designed portfolio
  • End-to-end management of a clothing project
  • The must-haves in terms of professional trends
  • Organizing specifications
  • Better understanding the different businesses involved in work clothes.

Let us help make your work clothes plans easy for YOU to manage by giving you greater control over quality and costs.


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